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My MyPillow Review: Now That I’ve Slept On It

Like many of the things I end up purchasing, I have been overthinking and reading reviews about My Pillow for months.   A few months into my research, my parents got a pair of My Pillows and for any that know them know, they aren’t easy to please and they loved them.  Still spending $100 on a pair of pillows only to be disappointed again but a pair that goes flat after a few months.

Well, one day a few weeks ago, I was scrolling through the daily Zulily deals and low and behold, there they were.  A pair of My Pillows for $65!!  Finally my bargain sign.  PURCHASE.  Within a little over a week, they arrived in a tiny little package.

When I say tiny, it was really surprisingly tiny.  I received two cylindrical packages approximately 18″ long and 6″ in diameter.  Seriously, this looked like it was a pillow for my daughter’s dolls instead my husband and I.  Ok, Jill-stay on track.  Read the directions.  Put in dryer for 15 minutes.  To my surprise, they fluffed up beautifully.

Initially, I was a little worried that they seemed a little too firm.  We are used to feather pillows, but admittedly the feather pillows we’ve had usually fall flat way too soon.  We are also both accustomed to sleeping on at least 2-3 pillows at night.

Night 1.  I kept one additional pillow underneath the My Pillow.  One noticeable difference with My Pillow was the when I scrunched it up to put it in the position I wanted it, it stayed put.  You know when you stuff part of your pillow into that little nook in your neck.  Yeah, usually with my feather pillow that goes flat quite quickly.  BUT with this pillow, it stayed put and stayed quite comfy.

After about 3 nights, I allowed myself to lose the 2nd pillow and since have been only using the My Pillow and sleeping quite great!  With feather pillows, I used to spend a lot of time in the night tossing and turning and readjusting my pillow but now with My Pillow I adjust maybe once or twice.  Howbowdah right?  I know, I’m way to old to even say that but I don’t care.

One warning I’ll throw out there is that this isn’t some miracle cloud pillow that is going to have to feeling like you’ve slept on the hair of a unicorn the first night you use it.  I might have been clouded a little by the expectation that it was going to be true love a second one.  It is great and has really changed how I sleep but it takes a few nights to really fall in love with it.

Some have asked what Tyler’s opinion of the pillow has been.  As if the world just knows how skeptical he is…hmmm.  Well in his exact words:

“You know how particular I am about pillows, I tend to put the pillow on a pedestal.  I was genuinely surprised by how much I like it”

So there you go folks.  The man who likes nothing more than to not like my bargain, quirky, weird find actually like his My Pillow.  Now if that isn’t a gleaming endorsement for you to head out and buy one then I’ve got nothing else for ya.

Before I leave, I wanted to make sure if you are going to grab one, make sure you get the right firmness for you.  You can go to a My Pillow store or you can simply to go their website and click on this fitting guide to make sure to get the right firmness for you!

If you love your My Pillow or if you happen to hate it, comment below and let me know about it!