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Mother’s Day Cards-Greeting Card Industry PayDay: Free Card Download!

I was raised to be a bargain girl.  I love to get the most for my money.  I also love giving things and gifts to those that I love.  I love greeting cards.  I used to spend all kinds of time reading greeting cards and selecting the PERFECT card for someone.  That was pre-children of course!

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about graduation coming up and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day so I thought I’d do a drive by at the card aisle while we were at Target.  I couldn’t spend as much time as I like to but I found a few great cards.  Not sure what prompted it because I usually don’t, but I flipped a couple of them around to check the price and WHAT!?  Dead.  One was $8.99.  Nine freaking dollars for a greeting card!!!  And it was just a greeting card, no music, no special gift, no unicorn poop-just a card.

So back on the shelf they went.  I mean, I know I’m getting a little cheap and a little “back in my day” but SHHHHHOOOOOOTTT you guys.  That’s crazy.  Like 2007 Brittany crazy.

I kept wondering if I was the only one out there wide eyed with the current greeting card prices (first world problems, I know…).

So I polled my lovely Facebook audience today as to whether, with Mother’s Day coming up, do they purchase a greeting card or abstain?  The majority of the responses either make their own because they are too expensive OR there was an good amount of responses that hit up the Dollar Store.  Evidently I need to find my closest Dollar Store!

Those that know me, know that I love to be creative so I decided to jump in and make me own!  I dabble in “graphic design”, I really wouldn’t even call it graphic design as I would Photoshop play.  Any MY GIFT to you is that I have created 4 cards and I’m going to post them below for you to download and print!!

The cards are set up to be printed on a full standard sheet of paper, cut along the guide corners on the design and then fold in half to make a 5×7 greeting card!  Hope you enjoy them!  #iloveyoumorethantacos