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Favorite Things Friday: Avocado Gadget Has Changed my LIFE!

Sorry friends, this Favorite Things Friday #favfri is a little behind but all y’all that know me, know that is just my speed.  This week we are chatting about one of my newest favorite kitchen tools.

As I am venturing into lower carb/higher healthy fat world, avocados have become more of a staple in our house.  A few months ago, my mama gave us this little avocado tool. When she gifted it to us, I thought “hmm not sure we’ll ever use this”.  And like most things, I was wrong.

Before using this little miracle, I would use a butter knife to cut the avocado in half, then use a sharp knife to pop out the pit, spoon out the flesh and then a fork to mash it all (when guacamole-ing).  Now this is the only thing that gets dirty!

Ready for an avocado party?

How do I use it?   Well I will tell you friends.  First of all, I want to pre-apologize to anyone that watches the video at the bottom of this.  I had a little bit of technical difficulties-yeah yeah yeah, I always do.  I dropped y’all.  Hopefully no one gets hurt…  Anyway, I’m always good for a train wreck laugh right!?

So after you pick up your friends off of the floor:

  1. Grab your avocado and pull off the stem that’s left.  If it is bright green underneath-CONGRATULATIONS-you have a perfectly ripe avocado!  If not, go ahead a proceed anyway, there might enough salvageable meat.
  2. Take the little green knife end, slice your avocado end to end.
  3. Use the middle section (with the 3 blades), stab the pit, give a half turn and pull that sucker out.
  4. Now you are ready to scoop out the flesh with the scooper end (I know you love my super technical terms).  I use this same end to mash up the avocados for guacamole too!

See, not complicated and less dishes!  HOORAY!  If you’d like one of these babies for your very own, here is the link!  Oxo Avocado Slicer

Train wreck video below: