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Dealing with Anxiety: You Are Not as Alone As You Think You Are!

Can you describe what anxiety looks like?  Is it the outgoing mom on the PTO that loves to laugh, dotes on her two kids and loves dates with her husband?  Is it the talented girl that who is pursuing her dream of sing solo with a guitar on stage sharing her talent with audience?  Is it the confident, successful businessman climbing the ladder, smashing goals, driving the BMW with the perfect family?

The answer is, yeah, maybe.  The truth that we all too often fail to see is that anxiety affects so many of us.  Albeit in very different ways sometimes.

Do me a favor and next time you are at school pick up or at work or at the gym, look around and tell me how many of the people there with you have their shit together.  Half?  Three-quarters?  Well, statistics show that almost NINETY percent, 90%, of all of those people standing there with you, do in fact, NOT have their shit together.  That statistic seemed steep right, 90% of adults suffer now or have suffered from some type of anxiety.

90% of adults suffer from some form of anxiety

If you think about it though, it isn’t really all that surprising.  We, as a society, put so much pressure on our selves to be flawless in SO many categories.  I mean you have to be financially well (or at least look like it), you have to be an excellent parent (if my kid steps out of line what does that say about me!?), you have to be the epitome of health (I mean do you even lift bro?) and generally just keeping up with the benchmark of our neighbors, friends, even people we see on TV and social media.

In this next series about anxiety, I am going to share about my journey dealing with anxiety, the ways it has effected my life and how I am dealing with it now.  I am going to share with you some of the books and resources I’ve used to let some of the things that cause me anxiety float away (or maybe I’ve thrown them off a cliff in some cases too…).  I am going to share with you how anxiety has affected our marriage (Tyler is super excited to get to participate in this one-I’m sure it’s likely giving him anxiety as I type this!) and I’m going to leave you with my top tips for handling your badass anxious self.

Tonight, I want to close with this thought.  Do not let anxiety keep its grip on you or your life.  Anxiety is a feeling just like any other and it doesn’t have the power to change you or your path.  You decide how it affects you.  If you’re feeling anxious about something tonight, FEEL it, acknowledge it and then pass it to your other hand and release it.  It’s a weight you don’t have to carry.

I hope you’ll join me on this series and I truly hope I can bring some valuable information and tips to you all!  Have a relaxed night and I’ll see y’all on the flip side!