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Chalene’s Metabolic Prime Diet Beta Test: Update Day 10 and Some Gut Health Knowledge Bombs

GUT CHECK!  Ha ha, no but really!  It is all about our guts.  What do I mean by guts?  The entire stretch of tubing from you mouth to your rectum is technically the gut.

What I want to talk about today and what I am learning more and more about is the gut-brain connection.  Did you know that 90% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gut?  Yeah, me neither.  I always assumed all of the serotonin coursing through our body came from the brain in my head, not the one in my gut.  Weird right?

IBS, is the one example that came to mind for me.  For a long time, we have known that there was a connection with IBS and anxiety/depression however, what this new information has me wondering is, is anxiety/depression causing IBS symtoms OR are the underlying gut issues causing IBS leading to anxiety/depression going on upstairs?  Chicken vs egg kind of thing right?

Almost 18 years ago, a Dr. Micheal Gershon, published a book called the Second Brain.  Second brain referring to the “brain” in our gut that controls a surprisingly large portion of our body function.  One of the talks that I listened to today, stated that it takes nearly 20 years for medical theory to makes its way to mainstream medical community.  And here we are almost 20 years later and Dr. Gershon’s theories are showing up more prevalent in mainstream medicine now.  Crazy right?

Another interesting thing I’ve learned about how our gut health affects our body is the balance of our gut biome.  Each of us has a unique gut biome, a balance of good and bad gut bacteria.  In a perfect world with a perfect diet and no exposure to outside toxicity our gut is full of good bacteria that pampers and takes care of our body and its systems all day long.  Well that isn’t the case and we are exposed to toxicities all day and we’ve introduced processed foods and sugar into our diet.  It’s these foods that have fed the bad bacteria in our gut and allowed it to thrive and in some cases take over.

Don’t let the bad bacteria take over!

So what’s the problem with bad bacteria?  Well, from what I’ve learned, bad bacteria in the gut releases a toxin called lipopolysaccharide or LPS.  What does LPS do?  I’ll tell you.  For one, it travels to the brain and lowers dopamine and seratonin.  This can lead to early memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

LPS can affect weight.  This toxin reverses the hormones in your body that lead to over eating.  WHAT?  Yeah, so bad food and sugar actually does lead to eating more bad food and sugar.  Conspiracy theory…

LPS can lower thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH, this can lead to Hashimoto’s or other significant thyroid diseases.  When LPS runs in your system can affect the skin causing eczema, rosacea, acne, psoriasis and more.

LPS travels to the brain and wreaks havoc on our adrenal gland which regulates stress hormones.  Lipopolysaccharide toxicity sends the adrenals into overdrive increasing stress hormones eventually leading to chronic stress and fatigue.

What can we do?  For starters, stop feeding the bad bacteria.  Cut back or stop consuming processed foods and excess sugars (remembering sugars aren’t just “sugar”).  Once we starve these bad bacteria they will eventually die and allow good bacteria to thrive again.  Next we work on rebuilding good bacteria…but that is for another lesson.

What are your thoughts on the brain-gut connection?  Share them with me in the comments!