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Chalene’s Metabolic Prime Beta Test: My Journey, Day 1

Welcome back!  Today is day one of the 14 day experiment I’m going on with Team Johnson.  Before I get into my thoughts on the day, I wanted to update that I will not be able to share as much about the eating plan as I originally had mentioned.  After my last post, I was reading through the FAQs a little more carefully and found a statement that Team Johnson has requested those participating in the diet beta test

“…we ask that you keep all details of this program confidential until such time as the program is finalized and rolls out to the general public”.

I completely understand this and want to respect their request.  Because of that, going forward, I will be documenting my thoughts and reactions along the way, but I will not be giving detailed information about how the program works.  In reality, there won’t be a lot that I am leaving out as this program is designed for each individual person to tailor it to fit their metabolic needs and lifestyle.  That is one of the things that makes this so groundbreaking and exciting!

So on to the meat and potatoes…or just meat haha!  As you know, today is day 1.  It is Monday and Tyler and I are both home on Mondays (it is our weekend YAY!).  Being home has been good because it allowed me to prep all of my food exactly as I want it, but not having a lot to do has allowed my mind to drift to food.  I feel a little hungry but I think it is really very mind driven.  I’ve told myself I cannot have XYZ and so of course ALLLLLL I can think about eating is XYZ!

This next 7 days will certainly allow me to dive into my emotional eating and help me to find ways to fill those emotions other than with food.  One of the underlying messages in what I’ve learned has been to stop looking at food as anything but fuel or medicine.  I am looking forward to focusing on healthier thinking in the next 14 days.

One thing I have been lacking on today has been keeping up with my hydration.  It is 5 pm and I haven’t even consumed half of what I should have for the day.  That is going to take a little more discipline on my part because I tend to keep saying “I’ll do it later…”  On the goal list for tomorrow:  75% of water in before 2 pm!  I’ll let you know on Wednesday how I did

Food has been good and flavorful-there isn’t a “meal plan” per se so each decision is up to you to make in accordance with your likes and goals.  It has been freeing but also a little unnerving as I’m not used to that being the case as usually there is a strictly mapped out meal plan for most other plans I’ve tried.  Maybe that will be the key!

So to sum up day 1:  a little hungry (mind hungry more than physical hungry), tasty food, need more hydration.   I’ll be back in a couple of days with a new update!  Please feel free to ask any questions you have about this.  Some I may be able to answer and some I won’t but I’d love to hear what your questions are!