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Chalene’s Metabolic Prime Beta Test: day 12 update and more on the ketogenic diet

So today wraps up day 12 and I am not going to sugar coat it, {pun intended}, I crashed today.  I have been sailing along with the changes I’ve made, feeling pretty good overall.  Until today.  I woke up this morning with a super upset tummy.  Not exactly nausea, not exactly pain just not happy if you know what I mean.  So normally, I would’ve turned to the good old fashioned BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Apples, Tea and Toast).  I told myself I was going to try to stick to low carb today and work through this.  It was likely my gut just working through something anyways.  Well, I didn’t.  I decided I would grab a breakfast sandwich and see if eating something my gut was used to would calm things (it’s a little crazy the rationale that I can come up with…).

That helped briefly, but within a couple hours I was back to ick again.  So then I grabbed a burger on lettuce leaves.  Pretty harmless right?  Well yeah, except they delivered it with a bag of perfectly salted Lays potato chips…you can’t eat just one right?  Then once I got home with the kids, every one was “starving” and crabby so I started throwing food at them and I hadn’t made a plan for dinner…FAIL…so pizza was ordered.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Ummm yeah….that would be about right.

I knew it would make me feel like crap and be disappointed in myself but I freaking ate a piece anyway.  WHY??  I honestly don’t know why today of all days I decided to make poor decisions but what I CAN tell you and tell myself from what I am learning is that it is just a food choice.  It isn’t something bad or good.  It is just a choice.  Today there were a few choices that given the chance to do over, I might make a different choice.  What I refuse to allow myself to do tonight, is layer on the guilt for my less than ideal choices.  I am upping the water tonight and making a plan for tomorrow.

One thing I do want to share with you tonight for YOU, is one of the first podcasts that I listened to when we were starting this beta test.  Chalene had Jimmy Moore on the podcast.  He is the author of Keto Clarity and a few other books and cookbooks.  He was really funny in this episode and had some seriously eye opening information so I encourage you to listen.  It wasn’t super long and is well worth it!

Hear Jimmy Moore explain more about the ketogenic diet and his successes with it on The Chalene Show, Chalene Johnson’s podcast.  Let me know what your takeaways were!

Click here for the podcast-episode #238!