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But the Call Isn’t Out There at All, It’s Inside Me: Knowing the Power You Have Over YOU!

Monday night movie night at the Smith house and my kiddos chose Moana…again.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Moana.  Especially compared to some of the other selections my kids choose over and over again.  We have probably watched Moana more than 50 times in just a few short months.

Tonight I heard something I hadn’t heard yet in the 50 previous times.  It may be because I am going through a major self improvement phase but towards the end of the movie when Moana decides she is in fact going to take on TeKa and she sings the words:

…the call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me…

I guess you could say that it totally struck a chord with me.  For SO LONG I’ve been looking for the next solution, the next thing, the next goal to make me feel whole.  To solve the things that are wrong with me.

Over the past few months, I’ve been attending therapy regularly and I suppose something we’ve dug up in my sessions sparked when my girl Moana sang those words tonight.  We’ve been working a lot on self acceptance, flaws and all.

What she sings is so brutifully true though.  No matter what your goal is, big, small, short term, long term-there isn’t any magic solution, quick solution, miracle cure that is going to get you there.  If it is a goal worth fighting for anyway.

Mine for a very long time has been weight loss, as I’m sure many of you that have been following me for a while know.  The weight loss goals have really morphed into just getting healthier overall despite what the scale and society say.  However, I’ve been extremely guilty of putting all of my hopes into the next “way of eating” or the next new workout program that was going to set my soul on fire and make everything click for me.

What I’ve discovered and am finally able to put into a coherent message tonight, it that it isn’t out there waiting for me to find it.  It has been inside me all this time.  I just have to dig in and find it.  I have to light my own soul on fire, stick to what I know and I will be unstoppable.

Light my SOUL on fire!

The timing of all of this is not coincidental I know.  I had a really great therapy session today and I’ve also kicked off another attempt at LCHF way of eating today (successful day by the way!).  So I definitely feel like Jesus had a hand in turning my head, my heart and my ears to seeing and hearing what I needed to today.

I apologize for the rambling nature of tonight’s blog, but I felt compelled to just sit down and write to you all tonight vs the constructive outlined messages that I try to stick to.  I felt this needed to be in the moment and raw and hopefully if someone else out there reads this and are struggling searching outside of your own heart and soul for answers, it will cause you to pause.  Look inside yourself because you truly are all you need to be absolutely perfect.

That’s all for today.  No video, just my words and I truly pray that they offered some insight for even just one more person.  Love to all, until next time!