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Welcome to Jill vs Life!

I believe that life can seem like a journey of one struggle to the next. Some struggles seem HUGE and some seem small and while the stories and details of our struggles are different, when we break them down, they are so very similar. I encourage you to look past these struggles and I will connect with you in online fitness communities where you will find you are NOT alone in this wild journey.

My mission is to provide a sanctuary where people, like me, can feel safe and compelled to share their struggles and in turn provide them with the tools and confidence to conquer life’s hurdles together. I believe that through great struggle comes great reward and I will be here to walk through life’s struggles together and in to the lives we’ve only dreamed of! We will NEVER SETTLE!







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I'm not trying to look perfect. I just want to feel better, look great, know I'm healthy, and rock any outfit I choose.

-- Autumn C.